Our Story


About Us:

Violet Summer shop is an urban lifestyle collection with quarterly product drops. A brand about everything you need for a dope lifestyle. Inspired by the rich history of African - Americans and the global diaspora.

Our Goals:

Create a destination for people to help build & maintain their self-care rituals. A site that sources and creates meaningful products, life's essentials made with you in mind. 


About The Founder: 

Hi! 👋 I'm Melissa! I'm a writer from Philadelphia, with deep roots in Cape May, New Jersey. Every summer, I'd spend a few weeks down the shore with my family. It was my paradise from the gritty city streets. As I got older and deep into my career goals,  I started to think about my Why in life and what birthed this passion for storytelling. After working in media and marketing for several years, I found a void of authentic storytelling featuring up & coming artists, writers and creators from around the globe. Through my travels, I'd connect with other writers who had such powerful stories about their lives. In my own work, I'd often feel boxed out of what mainstream wanted to read and buy. So in 2015, I created Violet Summer Zine, an urban literary magazine and the rest is history. Violet Summer shop is an extension of the publication. It's about creating a home. A sanctuary. These products are inspired by storytelling and are meaningful in every sense. 💜 

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