How - To Create The Vibes In Your Home


A home is not a home until you put your love and soul into making comfortable. Comfortable like MTV cribs, fur blankets, best sound system, falling asleep to Netflix type of situation. Date night and a place to relax, basically. Urban accouterments for the beach, pool, city lifestyle. Whether you're just moving into a new apartment or looking to add some elements to your space that are more You, here's how to do it. 

What Your Vibe

As cliche as it sounds, you need to know what you’re vibe is to be ordered to create the vibe of your dreams. Whether your always entertaining guests or need to make it chic and kid-proof ( but make it totally play - worthy), you have to know what you want. Some people like rustic and comfortable, minimalistic or super playful.  Usually, living spaces have the main element of a huge couch as a centerpiece.  

Neon Is The New Normal 

Neon signs are the goat of customization. If you are super into a mantra or maybe you want something more shape worthy or abstract, neon signs are statement pieces for sure.

Fresh Flowers 

Perhaps the most affordable weekly indulgence is a bouquet of fresh flowers. They are mood boosters and you don’t have to stick to red roses. I like sunflowers for gender-friendly choice. They match with all decor styles.



Succulents are amazing for your desk spaces. You can also do orchids but make sure you get them from a good florist shop. You can get cheap ones from whole foods and other market places, but be ready to devote a lot of attention to it. 4 to 5 ice cubes a week, controlled temperature, lots of space. 

Thro pillows:

Whether you’re going big or small, make sure they are soft and able to fulfill some of the elements of a bedroom pillow. 



Add this to the list of must-have items on your errands list. This is a no - brainer and really allows you to incorporate with your favorite scents, reminiscent of your favorite places and memories. 


Why spend tons of money when you can personalized your hookah experience in your own home? This is a guaranteed mood - booster. For patios, porches to small apartment living rooms, the bigger the space, the bigger the hookah. 


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