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  • The Story Of Ella Baker: Political Strategist (1903-1986)

     Violet Summer recognizes Ella Jo Baker for her determination to just society that respects Black dignity and dedication to empowering younger generations to keep fighting for freedom.
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  • Violet Summer's Underground Railroad History and Harriet Tubman

    “Where are you from?” This is the question I am asked most frequently since college. Going to school in New York presented my first real opportuni...
  • Meet Master Chief Petty Officer: Angela McShan

    She served over 20 years in the US Coast Guard & now she has a brand new cutter named after her! #careergoals. 

  • Key Places On Martha's Vineyard

      Copy & Paste the below:  The Lookout : It’s an open waterfront and literally the first place you need to go when you get off the ferry.  Nan...
  • How - To Create The Vibes In Your Home

    A list of key elements to secure the vibe. Whether you're ballin' or ballin' on a budget, these are must-have products to have your place looking right.
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    Need a chill beach? Want to escape the city? We got you. Check out our top picks of